Polytechnic Resources was established in 1996 by Tim Byrd as a Manufactures’ Representative Firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. With 15 years of manufacturing experience Tim was able to successfully assemble a wide Principle base which included industries in Precision Machining, Metallurgy, Electronics, Plastic Vacuum Forming, Tool and Die Making and Plastic Injection Molding. In 1999 Polytechnic purchased the Plastic Injection Molding principle. Now, focused solely on Plastic Injection Molding and Assembly, Polytechnic Resources was able to expand the new company into other industries like Automotive and Medical. In 2004 Polytechnic received FDA Approval to market a proprietary line of Pulmonary Function Test Filters and Accessories. In 2007, the company moved the manufacturing operation out of Maryland to a new manufacturing facility in business friendly Delaware. By 2008, the proprietary PFT line had grown to 85% of the annual sales and is now a major worldwide source for Disposable Medical Devices. As of 2012 the company has outgrown the current location and has plans to construct a larger facility in Georgetown, Delaware, to be completed by the Summer of 2013.